Twitter Blue deadline approaches, while celebrities scoff at Musk’s push to pull legacy check marks

Twitter users relying on the traditional blue checkmark to confirm they’re “genuine” will soon become a symbol as CEO Elon Musk plans to remove the check from users without a paid subscription. You will be left naked without any symbol.

Traditional check marks are scheduled to be removed on April 1 or April Fool’s Day, but for $11 a month, celebrities like William Shatner, Monica Lewinsky, Beyoncé, and Taylor Swift will have blue checks next to their names. You can continue. on Twitter.

In this photo illustration, Elon Musk’s Twitter account is displayed on a smartphone with the Twitter logo in the background. (Rafael Enrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images/Getty Images)

Twitter CEO Elon Musk bought the social media platform for $44 billion in October, looking for ways to monetize it with premium subscriptions called Twitter Blue.

Twitter says part of the platform’s source code was leaked online: court documents

Now, months after announcing the arrival of Twitter Blue, Musk promises Saturday will be the deadline for those who have received free verification to either subscribe to the service or uncheck it.

Shatner, who played Captain James T. Kirk on the TV show Star Trek, was hesitant about having to pay for a service he’d received free of charge for over a decade.

“Hey @elon mask twitter what do you mean blue checks disappear? I’ve been here for 15 years and [alarm clock emoji] And all the witty thoughts are for Bupkis,” Shatner tweeted Saturday. What is the Columbia Records & Tape Club? ”

Twitter will soon deprecate legacy blue checks

“It’s important to treat everyone equally,” Musk told Shatner. “There shouldn’t be different standards for celebrities. [in my opinion.]”

The SpaceX founder and Tesla CEO claims the blue mark has become a corrupt status symbol for news reporters and celebrities.

Checkmark verification began nearly 15 years ago and was used to verify people in the news, including politicians, celebrities, and journalists, to prevent misinformation by those who set up fake accounts.

Lewinsky, who was embroiled in a scandal with former President Bill Clinton when she was an intern at the White House, posted screenshots of many people impersonating her, with a list showing money in blue checkmarks on Twitter. There is a user who paid

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“What kind of universe is this fair to people who may suffer the consequences of impersonation,” she tweeted. “The lie travels half the world before the truth comes out.”

She then tweeted her Instagram username.

Twitter Blue is one of Musk’s first moves as Twitter CEO and was originally expected to cost $8 per month. After the product’s initial release, fake accounts pretending to be businesses and individuals flooded the service, prompting Twitter to put the product on hold.


When Twitter Blue resumes next month, it will cost $8/month for web users and $11/month for iPhone and iPad users.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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