Two couples accused of alleged scheme to adopt kids for financial gain

Two Michigan couples have been arrested on suspicion of adopting dozens of children for “financial gain” and secretly subjecting some of them to “systematic mental and physical abuse.” announced the authorities.

DeWitt couples Joel Brown, 54, Tammy Brown, 53, Jerry Flore, 58, and Tamar Flore, 56, were indicted Monday on 36 counts of child abuse. Detroit News reportedquoting State Attorney General Dana Nessel.

The charges, filed in Clinton County, come after evidence linking the four suspects to “the abuse of eight of the dozens of children placed in their homes since 2007.” the AG's office said.

Mr. Nessel said the couple “easily manipulated” the adoption and foster care subsidy system to collect more than $1 million tax-free, allowing them to adopt about 30 children from abusive homes. Or he added that he has been raising them.

“These children were subjected to prolonged, routine and systematic mental and physical abuse disguised as discipline, all for the purpose of personal financial gain,” Nessel claimed. . Reported by WLNS.

Jerry Flohr and Tamar Flohr Facebook / Tamar Flore

“The allegations in this case are heinous and outrageous,” she added. “The children who end up in our foster care and adoption systems are often already incredibly vulnerable and need our undivided attention.”

Joel Brown is a former child advocate with the Department of Health and Human Services' Office of Children's Services.

“We know that Joel Brown used his decades of experience as a CPS officer to skillfully and successfully hide the abuse occurring within his home, and that the Flores men similarly concealed abuse within their home. “I believe that I helped them,” Nessel said.

Joel Brown and Tammy Brown
Joel Brown and Tammy Brown

Officials said he is charged with second- and third-degree child abuse, second-degree child abuse conspiracy, failure to report child abuse and hindering the reporting of a crime.

Tammy Brown is charged with first- and third-degree child abuse and second-degree child abuse conspiracy.

Jerry Flor was charged with 11 charges, including first-degree child abuse, first-degree child abuse committed in the presence of another child, conspiracy to commit second-degree child abuse, second-degree child abuse, and obstruction of reporting a crime. is being asked.

Tamar Flore is charged with first-degree child abuse, first-degree child abuse committed in the presence of another child, conspiracy to commit second-degree child abuse, second-degree child abuse, third-degree child abuse, and criminal interference. He has been charged with 17 crimes. report.

The couple had previously been charged with abuse in Clinton County.

Nessel said the case was originally referred to the Clinton County Sheriff's Office by Child Protective Services following a complaint regarding possible child abuse.

However, after a preliminary examination, the charges against Joel Brown and Tammy Brown and the charges against the Browns were dismissed, and the charges against Flores were reduced.

According to the newspaper, Circuit Court Judge Michael Clarizio dismissed the Browns' lawsuit in June 2022, ruling there was insufficient evidence to proceed to trial.

According to the newspaper, the couple was accused of letting their then-7-year-old adopted daughter live with Flores, knowing that she would be spanked and restrained.

The Browns and Flores deny any abuse or knowledge of abuse.

“There is no denying that the initial investigation needed more work, and the initial CPS investigation could have had better documentation and more accurate records,” Nessel said.

“CPS summaries of early interviews were copied into police reports, and those reports are also not completely factually accurate,” the Detroit News reported.

Nessel said the attorney general's office took over the investigation, conducted additional interviews and reviewed additional evidence, and that the attorney general's office reached some of the same conclusions as the original investigation led by Clinton County. added.

He said the case highlights changes the state needs to make in child abuse laws, including longer statutes of limitations, appropriate prosecution of those who attempt to tamper with child witnesses in child abuse investigations, and regulations surrounding home education. He said that

David Carter, the Flores' attorney, denounced the accusations in the press against his clients.

“I think this is a witch hunt. They're taking two bites at the apple and trying to revive a case that should never have been brought,” he told this newspaper.

One of the couple's adopted daughters, however, defended the couple, saying she was never abused while living in their home dating back to 2005. WILX reported.

“It was really upsetting to hear the accusations, because honestly, my mom is my best friend,” Chamber Brown told the outlet.

“They were like the only safe family that we kids had to be with. I mean, I married one of their sons,” she says, adding that her husband He added that he said he had never experienced child abuse while in the care of the Brown family.

“My husband definitely supports my parents. He supports them. There's nothing but love. He definitely agrees with everything I'm saying, and yes, they're falsely accused.” she told the outlet.



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