Two Killed By Alleged Gunman As Thousands Gather For Opening Day Of Women’s World Cup In New Zealand

A gunman killed two people in Auckland, New Zealand, where thousands gathered ahead of the FIFA Women’s World Cup, the BBC reported on Thursday.

The alleged shooter’s pump-action shotgun fire rang out from a construction site in the city’s central business district. according to BBC.

Six people, including a police officer, were injured, the newspaper said. The alleged shooter, construction worker Matu Tangi Matua Reed, died during the attack. Reed’s history included mental health issues and domestic violence. Ordered to his home detention, he worked in the field on exemption.

New Zealand Prime Minister Chris Hipkins said in a televised address that the attack did not pose a “national security risk” as there was no “specific political or ideological motivation”. according to Reuters.

According to the report, FIFA stressed that “participating teams in close proximity to this incident are being supported regarding the possible consequences”.

According to the BBC, New Zealand’s sports minister, Grant Robertson, has announced an increased police presence in the wake of the attack. (Related article: 2023 Women’s World Cup sells more than 1 million tickets, records the highest number of visitors in the history of women’s sporting events)

The opening match went ahead as planned, with New Zealand’s 1-0 win over Norway to claim its first World Cup victory, Reuters reported. report.

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