Two Minutes Of Extreme Violence In French Prison Van Escape

Incaville, France:

The attack on a prison van in northern France that killed two guards and injured three others began at 10:57 a.m. (0857 GMT) and lasted just two minutes.

A black Peugeot SUV with its lights flashing rammed into a car exiting a motorway toll booth in Ancaville, just south of the Normandy capital Rouen, followed by a second prison car.

The assailants, dressed in black with hoods and armed with military-style weapons, jumped out of the crashed car, which top Paris prosecutor Laure Becuau said had been stolen a few days earlier.

Vequo added that the vehicle “stopped right in front of the convoy and waited for the convoy to pass” to pass through the toll plaza, a sign that the attack had been prepared down to the last detail. He added that there is.

CCTV images from the scene seen by AFP show the beginning of the assault on the prison van, although some details are obscured by passing trucks.

More attackers were seen arriving from the back of the convoy, and prosecutors claim they jumped out of a white Audi car.

On that day, prisoner Mohamed Amra was being escorted by five guards. This is the second highest level of protection for prisoner transfers in France, ‘Level 3’, and is given to those involved in terrorist or organized crime cases.

Mr Bequo said the guards were “of course armed”, adding: “Initial findings at the scene suggest that some of the guards may have used professional weapons.”

But the team was only equipped with “a basic Sig Sauer (automatic pistol) for military weapons,” said Frederic, head of the FO union at the prison in the northern city of Caen, where Amra is being transferred. Lyakov said.

“Very, very loud.”

Bequo said the attackers used “long weapons” (rifles) and “fired multiple times at two prison service vehicles, killing two staff members and injuring three others.”

This is the first time a French prison officer has died in the line of duty since 1992.

Meanwhile, the life of one of the three injured men remains in danger.

“There was a loud gunshot, it was very, very loud,” said Jérôme Barbier, who was on his way to tend a beehive near the Inkerville Toll Gate when the attack occurred.

“Then there was a pause for a minute or two, then there was a big explosion and two gunshots and it was all over,” a local resident told AFP.

A minute and 40 seconds into the attack, surveillance video shows a man, believed to be a guard, being forced at gunpoint into a prison van.

Shortly after, a man wearing a white sweatshirt came down.

He and five black-clad accomplices flee before the explosion.

“Two vehicles were found burnt out” not far from the scene late Tuesday, Bequo said.

“The crime scene reveals the extreme acts of violence committed by the criminals we are searching for,” she added after visiting the scene.

“The determination of judges and investigators will stand up to this violence.”

Interior Minister Gerard Darmanin told broadcaster RTL that “substantial” resources had been devoted to searching for fugitive Amla and “the gang that released him in dire circumstances.”

He added that “more than 450 police officers and gendarmes” were on duty in the Eure department, where the attack occurred, on Tuesday, and that France had also called for “international cooperation”.

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