Tyrese Haliburton hit the Knicks with one of the coldest trolls ever after Pacers’ series win

As with most NBA playoff seven-game series, knicks Against the Pacers, things were pretty bad down the stretch, but perhaps most notable was New York guard Donte DiVincenzo. Accuses Indiana’s players of trying to be tough guys rear His team’s Game 5 victory They take the series lead with 3 wins and 2 losses.

So DiVincenzo’s teammates decided to step up the game by wearing all black, hoping it would be a funeral for Game 6.

…This decision backfired spectacularly and they quickly lost two games in a row, blowing their series lead and sending them home.

Some call it pressure suffocation, but that’s not what Pacers star Tyrese Haliburton said. that’s right He did that after hitting six threes and scoring 21 points, sending the Knicks to Cancun…he did mention, most famous Pacers star chooses postgame attire to force Knicks to wear choker Following Sunday’s 130-109 victory.:

For a better look, the Pacers themselves tweeted a high-resolution photo of their star player wearing a sweatshirt with Reggie Miller doing the chalk sign for the ’90s Knicks. essentially Call the team that just defeated Choker. It’s kind of surprising that the actual team his account does.

But Knicks guard Josh Hart took time out of his team’s Game 2 win to tell Miller himself, “Fuck you,” while the Pacers legend was calling the game on TNT. Considering…the level of beef here is forgivable.

Now, this is an objectively laughable outburst, but given that the NBA internet is basically abuzz with outbursts of high-profile downfalls and failures, it’s safe to say that the next time Haliburton’s team takes a lead It’s also hard not to imagine that photo coming back to bite Halliburton. Roasting.

But that’s a matter for another day. For now, Haliburton was able to experience his own Reggie Miller moment. This is likely the final step toward making him a lifelong love in Indiana, and perhaps even a lifelong enemy in New York City.