U.S. Should Push Israel for Different Strategy, Dodges on if He Thinks Israel Committed War Crimes

On Friday’s CNN International “Race Situation” broadcast, Sen. Peter Welch (D-Vermont) acknowledged that Hamas does indeed use Palestinian civilians as human shields, but that Israel He said he would not go into whether war crimes were committed. During the war with Hamas, he argued that the United States should pursue a different war plan than Israel.

“It is true that Hamas uses Palestinians as human shields,” Welch said. Host Casey Hunt asked, “Do you think Israel committed war crimes in connection with this war?”

“I’m not going to get into that, because Israel was brutally attacked. Think about what we’re going to get after the brutal attack on us on 9/11,” Welch said. ” he answered. I’ll leave that to others, but our responsibility here is to help our ally Israel. However, in terms of war planning, the war planning that has been developed so far has resulted in so many civilian casualties that there is no ability to even get humanitarian relief to avert disease and possibly danger. I think it can be made very clear. Given famine, I think we can definitely say that we want a different kind of war plan. ”

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