U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Destroyed 12-0 by Team of Older Male Wrexham Players

At an independent soccer tournament in North Carolina on Thursday, a group of older men from Britain (some of them retired) utterly destroyed a team of former U.S. women’s soccer players 12-0.

Wrexham’s men’s team, made up of former and current players (some of whom are in their 40s), played against an American women’s team coached by famous American soccer player Mia Hamm. The U.S. team was mostly made up of former women’s national team players, including Heather O’Reilly and Lori Lindsay, according to the report. give me sports.

The US women’s team continued to perform well ahead of the game, with Heather O’Reilly boasting that the older men’s team was “on the verge of elimination.”

But despite O’Reilly’s bravado, the team scored four goals in just 14 minutes. By halftime, the men were seven points up. By the end of the 40-minute game, the players had scored 12 goals. Women? Not even one.

After the game, O’Reilly changed his tone slightly from his bragging, stating that “we don’t care” that the women’s team lost because it’s all about “living”.

The game was played as part of an independent soccer tournament called ‘The Soccer Tournament’, which brought together scratch teams and played the game in a World Cup-style structure. This event was sponsored by the founder of “Basketball Tournament”.

Thursday’s crushing loss saw the US women’s team prematurely eliminated from the tournament. The Wrexham team now has two wins and will advance to the finals on Sunday, June 4th. The winning team will win a prize of $1 million.

The match is notable given the USNWT’s long battle for equal pay in American football. Yes, the US team was mostly made up of former Women’s National Team players, but couldn’t they even score against 40-odd retired Wrexham players?

Not a strong advocate for equal pay.

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