UC Berkeley Instructor Slammed for Offering Anti-Israel Extra Credit

A graduate student at the University of California, Berkeley, is being criticized for offering extra credit to students who participated in demonstrations in support of Gaza, according to an email sent Tuesday.

After backlash about the option, university leaders said answered Several changes will be made, Fox News reported Wednesday.

First email from graduate assistant Victoria Huynh. read:

We offer field trips and/or additional credit opportunities: (1) Students can participate in tomorrow’s national student strike against the settler colonial occupation of Gaza (information attached below). (2) Students can watch short documentaries about Palestine. Use this link tree to call or email your local representative in California.

In Section 101/102, today we will spend time talking about the history of Palestine in relation to class concepts such as colonialism, imperialism, and Third World solidarity.

Social media users were quick to share their thoughts on the email. write“The University of California, Berkeley is well known for extremism. This doesn’t surprise me.”

“They should start calling our universities ‘anti-American reeducation factories,'” someone said. commentedwhile another person answered“This is just poison. Our children are being poisoned.”

In response to the backlash, Dan Moguloff, assistant vice chancellor for communications and public affairs at the University of California, Berkeley, said leaders took action when they learned of the issue.

“Things have improved, the assignments have changed, and there are many additional credit options instead of just one,” he told Fox, adding that students will be able to attend local events related to the subject they are studying. Ta. .

A University of California, Berkeley law professor recently urged law firms not to hire “anti-Semitic” students after Hamas terrorists attacked Israel, killing more than 1,000 people, Breitbart reported. News reported on October 17th.

“Do your clients want a lawyer who condones hate and heinous crimes?” wrote business law professor Stephen Davidoff Solomon in a 2006 op-ed. . wall street journal.

Breitbart News’ Joel Pollack wrote Thursday that Brandeis University is “a disproportionately Jewish institution in Massachusetts, founded after the Holocaust,” but that the university’s student committee has criticized Hamas’ atrocities. It was reported that he chose not to make any accusations.

Breitbart News also said Thursday that USC: [University of Southern California] The Shoah Foundation will collect testimony from survivors and witnesses of the October 7 Hamast terrorist attack.

The article said, “This move confirms that attacks involving mass rape, torture, and massacre of Israeli civilians are believed to be part of the series of events of the Holocaust.”

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