‘Undoubtedly The Scariest Week Of My Life’: Rachel Zegler Discusses Her Breast Cancer Scare

Famous actress and singer Rachel Zegler revealed Saturday on Instagram that she had a breast cancer scare when she was 19 years old which resulted in a biopsy.

The star, known for her roles in “West Side Story,” and “The Hunger Games: Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes,” discussed the medical scare that rocked the state of her health, sharing that the discovery of a lump in her breast led to “undoubtedly the scariest week” of her life, according to People.

Zegler posted an image to her Instagram Stories, revealing the scar she had after going through her out-patient biopsy procedure, the outlet noted. Instagram Stories automatically expire after 24 hours unless saved by the user.

Now, Zegler is 21 years old and has come forward to share her experience.

“Two years ago I found a lump in my breast and went through what was undoubtedly the scariest week of my life,” Zegler wrote over the photograph on Instagram Stories, according to People.

She discussed the difficulties she faced obtaining medical care while in the midst of pandemic-related closures and restrictions, People noted.

“No OB/GYN was taking new patients due to the backlog of the pandemic, but I was fortunate to have the care of my pediatrician who prescribed me an ultrasound, which led to an out-patient biopsy procedure,” Zegler said on Instagram, according to People. “Thankfully it was benign,” she added. (RELATED: Country Singer Ashley Monroe Gives Fans ‘Amazing’ Update About Her Incurable Blood Cancer Fight)

Zegler maintained a light-hearted yet informative tone as she shared her experiences with her 815k followers.

“And now the scar serves as a reminder to check my breasts regularly for any irregular growth – the fibroadenoma in my left breast is a common occurrence but nevertheless extremely scary to find,” she wrote, according to People.

“Early detection saves lives!!! Check your titty meat :),” Zegler concluded, the outlet noted.

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