University of Pennsylvania President Liz Magill Resigns After Failure to Condemn Antisemitism

University of Pennsylvania President Liz McGill is responding to intense backlash for failing to question whether advocating the genocide of Jews is permissible on campus during a recent Congressional hearing at the Capitol. He resigned as university president.

“Dear members of the Penn community,” the university began in its announcement. “I am writing to share that President Liz McGill has personally tendered her resignation as president of the University of Pennsylvania.”

“She remains a tenured faculty member at Penn Carey School of Law,” the school added.

“On behalf of the entire Penn community, we would like to thank President McGill for her contributions to the University of Pennsylvania and wish her well.” The university concluded.

As Breitbart News reported, McGill dodged questions about anti-Semitism on campus during a recent hearing at the Capitol, as donors threatened to withdraw $100 million from the university. , faced pressure to resign.

WATCH: Penn and Harvard president say calling for genocide of Jews depends on 'context'

US House of Representatives

McGill and the presidents of Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) faced intense backlash after they refused to say during public hearings whether claiming the genocide of Jews would be allowed on campus.

After McGill's failed Congressional hearing, the university's president responded by releasing a video clarifying that calling for the genocide of Jews actually constitutes harassment on campus. , or the lack thereof, attempted to be retracted.

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