US Couple Spent Funeral Money On Luxury, Leaving Nearly 200 Bodies To Rot

The funeral home was raided by local authorities.

A Colorado couple who run a “green” funeral home are accused of embezzling funds needed for cremations and burials and defrauding hundreds of families, according to court documents. Instead of keeping their promises, they allegedly used the money to buy luxury cars, virtual currency, designer jewelry and other lavish purchases, while leaving nearly 200 bodies to rot in unsanitary conditions. New York Post.

John and Carrie Hallford run Return to Nature, which promotes “traditional burials” and biodegradable options for up to $1,895. But investigators say the couple used the funds for personal gain, buying a $92,566 GMC Yukon XL and a $28,336 Infiniti SUV, buying cryptocurrencies, expensive vacations and luxury goods. It turned out that he had been indulging in shopping. news portal Further reported.

Meanwhile, the bodies of the 189 people entrusted to their care were left unattended in “insect-infested rooms filled with liquid decay,” court documents allege. This blatant disregard for customers’ wishes and the remains of their loved ones has sparked outrage and questions about potential legal ramifications.

according to ABC7, the latest disturbing revelations have been revealed as a judge rules the case against John Hallford can proceed to trial. The court handed down a similar sentence against Carey last month, the paper said. Both men are scheduled to be arraigned on March 21 on numerous charges, including abuse of human remains, forgery and money laundering related to the purchases.

“It’s absolutely despicable to prey on people at the weakest, most vulnerable time in their lives,” Danica Romero said. Her sister Samantha died suddenly in December 2019 and was scheduled to be cremated by Return to Nature.

“I don’t even know what kind of person would do something like that. Someone without a soul… My sister didn’t deserve this. No one in the family involved deserved this,” she lamented. Ta.



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