US destroys Houthi-linked drones as Red Sea tensions simmer

The United States shot down at least 11 Houthi drones late Friday, some of them preparing to launch over the Red Sea and others already in flight.

US Central Command announced late Friday afternoon that it had attacked US forces against four Houthi “unmanned aerial vehicles” that were “preparing to launch.” X Announced on Saturday.

“The U.S. military has identified an unmanned aircraft in Houthi-held territory in Yemen and determined it poses an imminent threat to commercial shipping and U.S. naval vessels in the area,” the statement said. “The U.S. military then attacked and destroyed the drone in self-defense.”

Late Friday night, a U.S. missile cruiser carrying the Dwight D. Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group shot down seven more drones over the Red Sea, CENTCOM added.

According to an official statement, there were no injuries or damages as a result of the act.

US forces are engaged in a battle with Houthi militants in the Red Sea. The Red Sea is a vital shipping route for the world, and terrorists have targeted at least 30 commercial ships in recent months, severely disrupting trade.

The Houthi offensive began on November 19 and appears to be in retaliation for Israeli ground operations in the Gaza Strip following the October 7 Hamast terrorist attack.

“These measures will protect freedom of navigation and make the high seas safer and more secure for U.S. Navy ships and commercial vessels,” the announcement said.

Houthi-made mock drones and missiles are displayed in a square in Sanaa, Yemen. Yahya Alhab/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

The drone attack came just a day after a Houthi missile came very close to a U.S. warship in the Red Sea, activating a close-in weapons system known as the Last Line of Defense.

Last month, a senior US Navy official said Iran was “directly involved” in the Houthi invasion.

The skirmishes in the Red Sea are part of a larger web of tensions in the Middle East, many of which center on Iran, which is said to be supporting terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah.

A man wearing long white robes and a black jacket stands in a line of Houthi soldiers with large guns during a protest against the US-led attack on Houthi strongholds in Sanaa, Yemen. has a flag
Armed Houthi fighters stand guard during protests against a US-led attack on a Houthi stronghold in Sanaa, Yemen. Yahya Alhab/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

Also on Friday, the United States launched retaliatory strikes against more than 85 targets associated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps and affiliated militias in Iraq and Syria.

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