US Envoy Eric Garcetti On 1 Year In India

US Special Envoy to India Eric Garcetti says trade has emerged as a ‘foundation’ of bilateral relations (File)

New Delhi:

U.S. Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti celebrated his first anniversary in office and reflected on his remarkable journey and accomplishments during his time in office.

“I never dreamed I would have the honor of representing my country here in India, but it’s been an amazing year,” Garcetti said in a statement expressing his gratitude for the opportunity.

Throughout the past year, Garcetti has traveled to 22 states and federal territories, forming friendships, receiving notable gifts, and tasting different cuisines.

“From Mumbai to Kohima, I made great friends, received great gifts, and of course enjoyed great food,” he reminisced, highlighting the rich experience of the journey.

Trade has emerged as a cornerstone of bilateral relations, with Foreign Secretary Garcetti saying, “This has been a great year for trade,” with significant trade volume worth nearly $200 billion and significant trade volumes to foster economic growth. He emphasized efforts to reduce tariffs. “It takes a lot of almonds for a lot of mangoes,” Garcetti quipped, touting the scale of trade exchanges between the two countries.

In the area of ​​India-US defense cooperation, Garcetti praised the record-breaking military exercises aimed at strengthening peace and interoperability between the US and India. “From the ocean floor to the stars, the India-US relationship is reaching new heights,” he asserted, highlighting cooperation in space exploration, including the joint development of a satellite scheduled for launch later this year.

Environmental sustainability has emerged as another focus, with Garcetti announcing initiatives such as funding 10,000 new electric buses and establishing the largest solar power manufacturing plant in southern India with U.S. aid. He praised joint efforts to scale up resilience and solutions to climate change. He emphasized the company’s commitment to environmental management, saying, “We are not just talking about being environmentally friendly; we are definitely taking steps toward becoming more environmentally friendly.”

Commenting on medical cooperation, Garcetti highlighted collaborative efforts in developing vaccines for diseases such as dengue and malaria, demonstrating a shared commitment to global health security. He also praised efforts to streamline the visa process, significantly reducing waiting times, increasing the number of visas issued and making Indians a major source of international students.

Concluding his speech, the US envoy expressed optimism for the future of the US-India partnership.

“If we have achieved so much in one year, we can’t wait to see what happens next,” he said, underscoring the enduring ties and endless possibilities of cooperation between the two countries.

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