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US Man’s Colon Falls Out Of Body After “Forceful” Sneeze. What Happened Next

The man had undergone abdominal surgery before the incident.

In a shocking incident, an American man’s colon has been put back inside his body after it fell out following a “violent” sneeze, a newspaper report said. New York PostThe 63-year-old man from Florida was having breakfast at the restaurant with his wife when the incident occurred.

Notably, the man had been battling prostate cancer and had undergone abdominal surgery prior to the incident – the stitches in his abdomen were removed the morning his intestine was “removed”.

In a recently published paper, American Journal of Medical Case Reports The article detailed the man’s unusual case and recovery: “During breakfast, the man sneezed violently, followed by a cough. He immediately felt a ‘wet’ sensation and pain in his lower abdomen. Looking down, he saw several pink rings of intestine protruding from the area where he had just been operated on.”

The man covered his exposed intestines with his shirt, and his wife called an ambulance. When paramedics arrived, they found “approximately a three-inch vertical laceration with a large amount of intestine protruding from it.” Luckily, the man was only bleeding a little, and was quickly taken to a local hospital.

“In the emergency department, urology consultation was immediately obtained. Vital signs were within normal limits. Pre-operative blood tests showed no changes from recent comparison. A nasogastric tube was inserted and the patient consented to undergo open surgery,” it added.

The removed intestine was then carefully placed back into the abdominal cavity by three surgeons who “examined the entire length of the small intestine and found no signs of injury.”

To prevent the abdomen from rupturing again, three urological surgeons closed it with figure-of-eight sutures, one of the strongest types of sutures available. The 63-year-old woman remained in the hospital for six days and returned to her normal diet before being discharged.