US Woman, 25, Sets Tinder Date On Fire Over Money, Arrested

Johnson is charged with aggravated assault, attempted murder and arson.

A Miami woman is facing a felony charge after police say she set fire to her Tinder date's car, according to an arrest report obtained by . USA Today. The incident occurred on November 25th between Destiny Renai Johnson and a man she met in person after connecting on the dating app Tinder.

The man told police he received a message from Johnson around 5 a.m. asking him to meet him at a hotel. When they met, she asked him for money. When he refused, she became upset, and he said he poured a gasoline-like substance on her passenger seat and ignited it with a lighter.

Johnson is charged with aggravated assault, attempted murder and arson, according to court records. She was taken into custody Monday, and she is currently being held in the Miami-Dade County Jail, where bail is being set at $10,000 for each of her charges.

During the incident, she reportedly told police that she believed she was being trafficked and that she had been asked to perform sex acts for money but had refused. However, the woman admitted pouring gasoline on the man's car and setting it on fire.

On November 25, Johnson was arrested on suspicion of setting up a Tinder date and setting his car on fire in a fit of anger outside the Holiday Inn Express & Suites hotel in Kendall, Florida, police said. .

However, the man told police Johnson approached his car with a one-gallon Zephyrhills jug containing a yellow liquid. The man also told police that she leaned over to talk to him and claimed he asked for money to fix her car. The man responded that she didn't appreciate being lured in for the money, but he gave her $60 to help her out, he told police.

The man revealed that her mood changed and she yelled, “You guys are trying to get me!”

She added that she then poured the pitcher onto the passenger seat and when Johnson tried to push it out, she pulled out a lighter and lit it, dousing herself and Mr. Johnson with the liquid. .

He recalled rolling to the ground to quell the flames, then pulling a gun from his waistband and pointing it at her in case she tried to light the fire again, according to the report.

Johnson then fled the scene and the car burst into flames. Looking for help, he turned to the hotel's front desk for assistance.

Hours later, a 911 call came in claiming a naked woman had been burned and a car exploded less than a mile away.

The man and Johnson were treated for burns at a local hospital.



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