‘Useful idiots’: Bill Maher blasts students at Harvard and Penn for being ‘Team Hamas’

“Real Time” host Bill Maher accused universities like Penn and Harvard of siding with Hamas and hosting students he characterized as “useful idiots.”Maher's comments are as follows: Harvard University President Claudine Gay He recently appeared before Congress to explain the sharp rise in anti-Semitism on campus.

Maher began the segment with FIRE CEO Greg Lukianoff, asking questions about the organization's college ranking system on free speech.Harvard and Penn are reportedly at the bottom of the list of 250 schools in the nation.

“So these universities are now joining Team Hamas,” Maher said. “Is that a coincidence or is there something to do with it?”

fox news digital report Maher listed a series of slogans heard at pro-Palestinian rallies on school campuses, including “intifada,” which organizers likened to “jihad.” He explained that it was an ambiguous term. But he went on to refer to the use of the expression “river to sea,” suggesting it was “a little more genocidal.”

“But, you know, let's give them the benefit of the doubt. It might turn out to be, 'Well, we just want Jews to move and not die,'” Maher said. Ta. “And then there's the saying, 'by any means necessary.' Well, I just had a little bit of pee in my pants.”

Regarding the term “intifada,” Lukyanov said the term is “absolutely protected” by freedom of speech, but the term can also be used as a threat or harassment, and there are issues in that case. He limited his remarks by saying that there is a possibility that

“It was kind of embarrassing to see the presidents of the top universities in the country not being able to give a clear answer,” Lukyanoff said.

“What pisses me off is that look. I'll always stand by “as much as I can advance free speech,'' Maher said. “What bothers me is the double standard…They say they don't want to say, 'Kill the Jews,' but I do hear the cry, 'Fuck the Jews, fuck the Jews.' I have been there before.”

“I can't think of any other group that would accept saying, 'Fuck the blanks,'” Maher added.

Later in the segment, Maher calls college students at these prestigious universities “useful idiots” and goes on to say, “The bigger scandal here is that these are the largest and most respected universities in the country. , that they are cheating.” A bunch of fucking idiots. ”

“Do they really want to wipe out Jews? I don't think so, but you know, they live by these buzzwords and what they read on TikTok,” Maher said. continued. “They want to be an 'ally', an 'ally' to people who have more melanin and less money. That's what you should be an ally. Don't think about it any further.”

Maher didn't stop there. He went on to attack “my dear liberal friends” who are glued to “MSNBC” and read the “New York Times,” who have consistently denied what is happening on college campuses in recent years. Ta.

“If there's anything good that comes out of this, it's that we know what we've been talking about. We weren't making it up!” Maher said.

Fox News Digital reported that it has reached out to Harvard University and Penn for comment on Maher's claims, but has not yet received a response.

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