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Utah man accused of selling unproven COVID-19 treatment in 2020, behind bars after 3-year fugitive hunt

A Cedar Hills, Utah, man was charged in 2020 with charges related to selling an unproven solution that could prevent and treat coronavirus, pretending to be a doctor, and was released from prison after a three-year fugitive hunt. is imprisoned in

Utah District Attorney Trina A. Higgins announced Monday that 63-year-old Gordon Hunter Pederson was found on July 5, 2023, by federal agents conducting surveillance and taken into custody.

Pedersen failed to appear in federal court on August 25, 2020 for failing to appear in federal court on charges of mail fraud, wire fraud, and felony felony bringing counterfeit drugs into interstate commerce for purposes of fraud and misleading. was wanted.

Utah business owner accused of pushing silver products with false claims to prevent or treat coronavirus

Gordon Pedersen is accused of marketing an unproven treatment for coronavirus before a vaccine was approved. (U.S. Attorney’s Office – YouTube.com public record)

Prior to the availability of an approved COVID-19 vaccine, Pedersen alleged that he used the Internet to sell a “structural alkaline silver” product, according to court documents, which he claimed was “a form of viral membrane. It resonates or vibrates at a destructive frequency, neutralizing the virus.” It can attach to healthy cells or in some way infect them. ”

According to Higgins, the suspect falsely claimed in a YouTube video that he was an association-certified “Doctor of Anti-Aging Medicine” while also falsely claiming he had a doctorate in immunology and naturopathic medicine. It says.

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Dr. Gordon Pedersen

Dr. Gordon Pedersen (Facebook)

Pedersen’s previous company, My Doctor Suggests LLC, is suspected of operating without being registered with the Food and Drug Administration.

The company has agreed to plead guilty to one count of criminal information related to false and misleading marketing of ingestible silver products for the treatment of COVID-19.

Along with the guilty plea, the company cut ties with Pedersen and agreed to jointly prosecute him, the US Attorney’s Office announced at the time of the agreement.


Pedersen is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday. Along with the indictment, Pedersen is also scheduled for a detention hearing. Both hearings will be held in the Orin G. Hatch United States District Court in Salt Lake City.

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