Uvalde cops slammed after Nashville school shooting response

Police in Uvalde, Texas, erupted in outrage when it emerged 10 months ago that a shooter was allowed to roam free at a school for more than an hour, killing 21 children and a teacher in the process. caused it.

Two Nashville police officers are now facing fresh criticism after they were found to have shot dead Audrey Hale in just 14 minutes after Monday’s mass shooting in the halls of The Covenant School. .

Nashville police officers Rex Englebert and Michael Corrazo ran into a hail of gunfire and killed a 28-year-old gunman instantly with numerous precision shots after body camera footage captured Heroes. was welcomed as

Their reaction is “obvious” different from that of Uvalde’s law enforcement colleagues, retired New York Police Department Sergeant Joseph Giaccarone told The Post on Tuesday.

Giaccarone praised the quick-witted Nashville cops for acting “without hesitation.”

A professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice said, “Each of these officers had a leadership role here. I would say the same thing about what happened in Texas.” I don’t think you can.

Nashville police officers Rex Englebert and Michael Collazo were hailed as heroes after body camera video showed they shot school shooter Audrey Hale within minutes.
via Reuters
Michael Collazo
Michael Collazo
Rex Englebert
Rex Englebert

“The more I wait, the more I hesitate and think about these things.

Giacalone added: they did a great job. ”

Three nine-year-old students and three adults (including the principal) were killed when former student Hale unleashed a reign of terror.

In Uvalde, a total of 19 students and two teachers were massacred last May when 18-year-old Salvador Ramos broke into the former Robb Elementary School and wreaked bloody havoc.

Body camera footage of the Uvalde shooting caught some of the first responders warning that the shooter was armed with an “AR.”

yvalde shooting
Police in Uvalde, Texas, sparked outrage 10 months ago when it emerged that a school shooter was allowed to roam freely for more than an hour.
via Reuters

Another footage showed a number of officers standing awaiting instructions while the shooters roamed freely.

Social media users were quick to compare the two police responses and denounced Uvalde’s officers as “cowards.”

“Incredibly Brave Police Contrary to Uvalde’s Cowardice” Piers Morgan of The Post murmured.

“In Uvalde the shooter had an AR-15 and dozens of armed police waited outside for about an hour while wounded children were bleeding. Had -15 and 5 cops rushed in and took them out in minutes.Nationwide standards.” Logan O’Handley murmured.

Ryan Fournier adds: Despite being fired upon by gunmen, they ran towards the danger and eliminated the threat. God bless them!

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