Uvalde School Shooting: One year later

May 24, 2022 was the day that changed the lives of more than 21 families in the small Texas town of Uvalde.

1 year has passed Since Javier Cazares lost his daughter Jackie in a horrific shooting at Rob Elementary School.

“There was sadness, anger and disgust,” Cazares said.

Tribute to Jackie Cazares (Jackie Cazares)

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The school still exists, but is no longer used for learning. Its front yard is a memorial to Jackie and her two teachers, as well as 18 of her classmates who were also killed. Among them was Amelie Jo, the daughter-in-law of Berlanda Areola.

“There’s not just one emotion that stands out.”

Amelie Joe

Photo of Berlanda and her granddaughter-in-law (Joy Addison/Fox News)

An investigation into the police response continues.

Police reportedly waited at the scene for more than an hour before entering the classroom and killing the perpetrator.

A Texas House of Representatives Commission of Inquiry report helped address “system failures and grossly inadequate decision-making.”

A DPS sergeant, a school police chief, and a school official were dismissed. No one has been criminally charged.

Uvalde shooting report reveals ‘culture of non-compliance’ among staff, administrators ‘acquiesce’

The district attorney said the Texas Rangers are still investigating and the results will be presented to a grand jury.

“There is school accountability, there is police accountability, there is government accountability. There is a lot of work to be done, and when it happens, there will be some justice for the children,” Cazares said. .

Parents, on the other hand, say they feel the support of their communities and organizations as they struggle and grieve.

But Berlida and Javier say their hearts are still broken.

Rob Elementary School

The front yard of an elementary school has become a monument (Joy Addison/Fox News)


“You can’t recover from a mass shooting. It’s impossible,” said Areola.

Javier left a message for his daughter.

“I’m not giving up, baby,” said Cazares.

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