Veronica Youngblood’s ex says she used slain daughters as leverage

A Virginia mother was sentenced Saturday to nearly 80 years in prison for shooting her two daughters to death after slipping them melatonin gummy bears when she could no longer use them as “leverage” against her ex-husband. It was announced on .

Ron Youngblood was sentenced Friday to 78 years in prison by his ex-wife, Veronica Youngblood, for the murders of 5-year-old Brooklyn Youngblood and 15-year-old Sharon Castro five years ago. , said this crazy murder was a last-ditch effort to incriminate. He is causing him pain.

“Those girls were her users. They were her users to get what she wanted from me,” the 52-year-old Navy veteran solemnly told the Post.

“She obviously knew they were the most important thing in my life.”

In August 2018, the Youngbloods had been living in Virginia but planned to move to Missouri with their daughters.

Veronica Youngblood refused to move at the last minute, saying she wanted to remain in the former Dominion state with her daughters, but a judge ruled Ron’s only biological daughter, Brooklyn, was still with them in Missouri. It was decided that he could emigrate.

Ron Youngblood said his ex-wife Veronica would use their daughters as leverage in their relationship.
Provided by Ron Youngblood

“When the judge decided that I could leave Brooklyn, she decided that she had no more tools to use against me and decided to get rid of them,” he added. .

On August 5th, in a twisted act of revenge, Veronica Youngblood sedated and shot the girls as they slept in her McLean apartment.

Brooklyn, who was shot in the head, died at the scene. Sharon hit him in the chest and back, and he later died in hospital.

The girl managed to call 911 and told the caller that the shooter was her sick mother.

Jurors who heard her calls during the two-week trial were so traumatized that they asked if they could receive medical treatment.

veronica youngblood
Veronica Youngblood was sentenced to 78 years in prison for the murders of her two daughters.

As her eldest daughter lay dying, Veronica Youngblood called her ex-husband and told him she hated him and shot her children.

“She could do the only thing that could really hurt me, and she had been trying to do it for years, but never succeeded until she murdered my daughters,” Ron said. Youngblood said, adding that she had no idea who her ex-boyfriend was buying anything from. Nine days before the shocking murders, the gun was used and her daughters lost their lives.

“I couldn’t ignore what she would do to me, but I never expected her to do anything to the girls.”

Sharon Castro and Ron Youngblood
Ron Youngblood believed her ex-husband killed his daughters because he felt he could no longer use them as a means of control after he planned to break up with them.
Provided by Ron Youngblood

Veronica Youngblood and Sharon Castro
Sharon, 15, called 911 and told the dispatcher that her mother had pulled the trigger.
Fairfax County Circuit Court

In March, Veronica Youngblood was found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of felonious use of a firearm.

She pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, and her lawyer claimed the Argentinian could hear voices, but her defense was rejected.

During sentencing, the jury heard testimony from the killer’s mother that she grew up in poverty, suffered physical and sexual abuse as a child, and turned to sex work to steal her eldest daughter.

Ron Youngblood said he believes the judge will impose that maximum sentence, but that even if her ex-husband spends the rest of his days rotting in prison, he will always mourn his daughters.

“They weren’t the most important thing in my life, they were my life. That was all I really cared about. When she took that away from me, it was a feeling that I would never get back.” It’s something you can’t do.”

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