‘Vicious’ Anti-Israel attacks turn Dem party ‘hard Anti-Israel’: ‘They’re terrified of their rabid core’

FOX News contributor Joey Jones joins his “Big Weekend Show” co-hosts to discuss the “vicious anti-Semitism” exhibited across universities and within the Democratic Party.

This party is getting tougher on anti-Israel because it fears its fanatical core,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on Sunday. Sadly, this is the cultural Marxism that our universities are instilling in our youth [with].Cultural Marxism divides the world into oppressors and victims and defines Jews as oppressors. [and] They defined Palestinians as victims. ”

“This isn’t just happening in Columbia. The University of Southern California had to take its valedictorian off the stage during a graduation ceremony. Perhaps she was pro-Palestinian and faced backlash for her comments. Because they were afraid they were going to invite it. A student was stabbed in the eye today at Yale,” Jones said.

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Pro-Palestinian demonstrators demonstrate along an NYPD police line outside the Columbia University campus on Thursday, April 18, 2024, in New York City. Several students were arrested as officers cleared an encampment on the campus lawn. (Peter Garber, Fox News Digital)

Sahar Tartak, editor-in-chief of the Yale Free Press, was attacked by protesters while covering an anti-Israel protest on campus.

“There [were] Hundreds of people were taunting me and waving their middle fingers while this person waved a Palestinian flag in my face and shoved it in my eye. As I shouted and tried to chase after them, a line of protesters stopped me. ” Turtuck told the New York Post.

“The lack of humanity on the part of the people who stood between her and the police, the people who were in line and didn’t even come to her aid. I think there was a huge lack of humanity. , I think that’s been happening since October.” On the 7th, these protests were seen on various college campuses across the country,” said FOX News’ Alicia Acuña.

During the Columbia University demonstration, anti-Israel demonstrators were heard shouting “We are Hamas” and “Long live Hamas”

Columbia University protesters

Columbia University students returned to the campus lawn area Friday morning to continue their anti-Israel protests, saying they would “stay the course” until their demands are met. (FNTV)

“As a reporter, when I hear things like that from state leaders, when there’s a hurricane or a tornado or rising waters, they’re telling people to get out of there because the flooding can be deadly. Only when you say it, almost immediately,” Acuña continued.

“But this is being communicated to Ivy League students, their parents, and their families.” [are] Very proud and they worked very hard. Their biggest challenge should be academics, not whether they can survive across campus. Something has changed in the last 48 hours. “I think the White House needs to acknowledge that,” she said.

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Anti-Israel protesters occupy Columbia University's main lawn

On Wednesday, April 17, 2024, anti-Israel demonstrators occupied the main lawn of Columbia University’s campus in New York City. (WNYW)

It’s not just “The Squad” that is pro-Palestinian, it’s the idea of ​​co-opting the oppressors and adding the colonizers.That’s what the liberal left of the Democratic Party has actually instilled in universities and taught people that that’s what we’re all about. [in] It’s the West,” Jones said.

“I started looking into the groups that are there with the protesters. There’s the Party for Socialism and Liberation, they’re on the ground,” added FOX News contributor David Webb.

“I have RevCom. [the] Revolutionary Communists, another group… Look, this is the RCA, [the] revolutionary communist america [group]It’s these groups that are taking advantage of this… In this case, the target is Jews, but it’s really this cultural Marxism mixed with a shared hatred of Jews,” Webb said. Ta.