‘Vicious’ Bronx peacock, dubbed Raul, bites man, flees to local park tree: ‘I thought I was high’

A man was bitten Wednesday night by a “vicious” peacock believed to have escaped from New York’s Bronx Zoo.

The New York Fire Department (FDNY) responded to a 911 call from a man identified as Mike around 8:00 pm. The man said he was bitten by an escaped peacock after trying to rescue the brightly feathered bird to safety.

“We were standing outside, hanging out, smoking, doing whatever, and I thought I was eavesdropping,” Mike told the New York Daily News. I thought it was expensive.”

A peacock named Raul flew safely after biting a man’s thigh on Wednesday, April 26, above a large tree in a park in the Bronx, New York City. (WNYW)

Mike said he tried to corral the wild bird, but it immediately attacked and bit him in the thigh.

“Then my mother jumped into a tree,” Mike told the outlet. “I didn’t know they could fly.”

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Despite their cute and graceful presence, peacocks are known to be territorial and especially aggressive during the breeding season.according to Birdfact.comPeacocks do not normally fly, but they do if they need to avoid danger or threats, cross obstacles such as rivers, or fly to trees to roost at night.


A peacock perched on a tree. (WNYW)

The Feathered Fugitive video shows a bird perched at Vidalia Park, a popular park in the Bronx’s West Farm district. Audiences are said to have called the escaped bird Raul.

Runaway birds are about 3 feet long and have bright green plumage on their heads.

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“That’s a peacock. It’s in the tree. I think it should be there,” said user CGutter. Citizen app video“I’m not going to lie. I’m pumping up the neighborhood. Everyone wants to see this. He’s beautiful. Everyone says he’s the one, so I’ll take your lead.” intend to.”


A peacock hiding in a tree branch after trying to escape. (WNYW)

“It’s vicious,” another audience member can be heard saying.


Police and firefighters have tried to capture the peacock, but have been unsuccessful as of Wednesday night.The Bronx Zoo did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment on the escaped bird. rice field.

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