Victims in execution-style Oklahoma slayings were targeted because they were white​: Police

The brutal murder of two innocent men last month in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was initially thought to have been random, but prosecutors are now investigating. claimed Responsibility chose his victims because they were white.

shooting rampage

Carlton Guilford, 61, marched to the Rudisill Library in North Hartford on the morning of April 18 and shot 35-year-old Landin Hatchcock in the back of the head. according to the police.

Hatchcock sat at his computer desk and thought to himself.

victim’s mother Said KOTV-TV said her son was a selfless husband who had strong faith, loved God, and was passionate about helping other people, calling his murder a “tragedy.”

Kirby Ellis, the victim’s cousin, indicated that Hatchcock was well-liked, emphasizing that “nobody deserves to go through that.”

The 35-year-old murderer clearly did not express racial hatred violently.

Police later revealed that Guildford drove to a nearby Quicktrip gas station and shot 55-year-old James McDaniel in the face.

After McDaniel fell to the ground, Guildford reloaded his weapon and shot him in the head again, according to investigators.

After executing McDaniel, Guildford reportedly shot a security guard inside the convenience store, but the security guard was ultimately unharmed.

Eyewitness Carol Starks Said KJRH, “I heard a pop, a pop and I saw people coming out of the QuikTrip. I think it was because they didn’t know if they would.

The police apprehended Guildford without incident.He was rushed to the hospital for Tulsa World indicated Self-inflicted gunshot wound to head, no longer critical.

Tulsa Police Department indicated Tuesday there was no connection between the victim and the suspect.

anti-white motives

District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler pointed out that Hutchick and McDaniel were targeted because they were white. report KOTV.

“Information suggests that race played a role in it, which we feel is something we can prove and something a judge or jury clearly needs to hear. So we present that information along with everything else” Kunzweiler.

In addition to two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of homicide, the Tulsa County prosecutor said: strike Guildford and Oklahoma Version of Hate Crime Suspectcalled “malicious threats or harassment by race.”

Guildford admitted to the police that he shot the victim, but it is currently unknown whether he confessed a motive as well.

But Tulsa Police Chief Wendell Franklin did. teach Fox 23, “Our investigation showed that indeed he targeted those individuals and sought them out because of their skin color.

Guildford is being held without bail. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 23rd.

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