Video: Ecstatic HS baseball players celebrate championship game ‘win’ after batter strikes out — but party kicks off a tad too early

Hornell High School in New York faced Palmyra Macedon in the Game 5 B1 class title playoff on Saturday, with two outs in the bottom of the seventh inning with Hornell just one strike away.

What happened next?

Hornell’s pitcher hit one fly as the Palmyra-Macedon players came to base and Hornell held a one-run lead.

Strike Three Call! Game over… isn’t it?

Well, usually yes. However, Hornel’s catcher didn’t seem to catch the pitch cleanly, Rule state In such cases, the batter may take first base unless he is tagged out or thrown out first.

That never happened.

For some reason, Hornell started celebrating near the pitchers’ mound as the Palmyra-Macedon hitters got on the run. The other Palmyra Macedon players on base realized the game wasn’t over yet, so they continued their run, scoring the equalizer and the winning run.

check it out:

According to the video, at least a few Hornell players tried to figure out what was going on and warn their fellow teammates, but it was too late.

local outlet The Pikin Sprinters said In fact, Palmyra Macedon scored five runs in the bottom of the seventh inning to help the team win the division award for the third consecutive year.

“The moments when recognition began were unmistakable, as Hornell’s coaches quickly moved from jubilant celebrations to the presence of referees and seemed to demand answers to a series of bizarre events. .” Pointed out by Sports Illustrated.

“This is truly one of the most painful losses in baseball history,” the magazine added.

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