Video Shows Cars In Seattle Intentionally Mowing Down Pedestrians

Seattle authorities are urgently seeking public assistance in connection with two vehicular assaults, Fox News reported Sunday.

The incident was captured on surveillance cameras and cell phones. pictureIt is said to show pedestrians being deliberately targeted by vehicles. according to On Fox News.

The first hit-and-run occurred on November 26th. The footage shows the car rushing towards the woman at high speed and appearing to intentionally hit her. Bystanders quickly came to help and the car was seen stopping to put the injured woman in the passenger seat and driving away, the report said.

According to Fox News, the second assault occurred several blocks away from the first and also involved another unsuspecting pedestrian. The victim was walking in a bus lane when a car hit him from behind and threw him onto the hood of the car.

These graphic videos released by the Seattle Police Department suggest that the vehicle's speed may have caused serious injuries to the victim.

“The Seattle Police Department is investigating two separate hit-and-run incidents and is extremely concerned. Our detectives recently became aware of a callous crime in Aurora,” the Seattle Police Department said in a statement. . (Related: Son allegedly ran over father multiple times and killed him outside a bar)

Despite an extensive investigation that includes reviewing 911 calls, investigating hospitalization conditions, and searching for witnesses, the victim's identity remains unknown, Fox News reported.

According to FOX News, Seattle police are concerned about these violent incidents because authorities have not yet identified the perpetrators. Police are now appealing for anyone with information about these attacks to come forward. Citizens are encouraged to call the Violent Crimes Report Line at (206) 233-5000.



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