Video Shows Heat Fan Being Kicked Out Of Game After Heckling Clippers’ Russell Westbrook

Damn, Russell Westbrook is so sensitive…

Reintroducing the Los Angeles Clippers guard russell westbrook The most recent incident of jeers occurred Sunday in South Beach when the Los Angeles Clippers played against the Miami Heat at Caseya Center.

A few feet from the Los Angeles bench, Heat fans were heckling Westbrook, trying to get mad at him. But everyone knows how Russ feels. This man is deadly sensitive. And he proved it by kicking out a fan. And you guys know I love Russell Westbrook, but this is just weak.

Video of the incident shows Westbrook and a Miami fan walking back and forth, and the fact that the fan was with his son made matters worse. Damn it, Russ! Even weaker!

Westbrook and his teammates were both injured as fans shouted, “I paid for these seats, kid.” Terrence Mann The fans yelled back and were eventually kicked out by security.


So, what did this guy do to deserve to be kicked out?

I understand that fans can go overboard, but I also believe that those who are paying their hard-earned money for tickets have the right to have a little squeal without going overboard. At the end of the day, the fans are part of the game and should act like this guy.

Russ, you know I love you, brother, and I’ve defended you in things like this before, but what about this particular incident? (Related: Shaquille O’Neal to sponsor gun buyback in Dallas this weekend: Report)