Video Shows YouTuber, Girlfriend Hiding From Her Ex-Boyfriend After He Shoots Her

Hunter Avallone was in the apartment with Holle Peno when the incident occurred.

A YouTuber and his girlfriend survived a horrific attack by her ex-boyfriend in West Virginia on Friday. Hunter Avallone posted the gruesome clip of the gunman on his social media handle, along with the last message he sent before he opened fire.according to new york post, Abalone was in a Martinsburg apartment with Twitch streamer Holle Peno when the attack occurred. The YouTuber said in an Instagram post that Peno's ex-girlfriend of 11 years showed up, burst through her door and punched her in the leg.

Watch the video below.Warning: Contains disturbing visuals

Mr. Abalone has more than 500,000 subscribers and is known for debating conservatives online. of post said in the article.

He began filming the aftermath of the incident and wrote in a post that the landlord had warned him about a “shady” man with a gun under his jacket on the property.

The video shows the couple hiding on the balcony and trying to stop the bleeding from Peno's leg as his ex-girlfriend slams on the front door.

Abalone can be heard on the video calling police for help, saying the attacker, known as Conrad, had a gun hidden under his coat.

A police officer is then heard confronting the assailant and saying: “Show me your fucking hands!”

Multiple gunshots were then heard, after which Peno began crying.

“I'm still trying to process this, and as I write this, I'm probably in shock. But just a few hours ago, Holle's ex-boyfriend, Conrad, shot a shotgun. He showed up at my apartment with a.'' Abalone said. Post to X.

“He shot through the door of my building, wounding Holle in the leg in the process. I recorded the final moments as we hid on the back porch. can be heard firing at the police before cutting off… for the life of me. “Fucking apartment hallway. Still processing this. Holle and I are physically okay, but… “There will be severe psychological damage. Holle was amazing and she was incredibly brave and strong throughout this ordeal,” he said. He further said:

Martinsburg Police Chief Erin Gibbons said police “responded quickly and bravely to this dangerous situation” and that “a brief exchange of gunfire ensued between officers and the man before the man took his own life.” It revealed that.

On Sunday, Peno posted an emotional video to X, saying, “I feel like my soul has been torn in two.”

A fellow Twitch streamer has started a GoFundMe page to help pay for Peno's hospital expenses. By Sunday afternoon, more than $4,000 had been raised.



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