‘Volatile Circumstances’: Target Removes Some LGBTQ Displays Over Backlash, Spox Says

Retail giant Target is removing some LGBTQ-themed merchandise from its stores after backlash over apparel geared toward children and transgender people, a company spokesperson said.

Target chose to remove certain LGBTQ items that have garnered the most negative attention in recent weeks, Reuters said, citing employee safety concerns. report. “Since launching this year’s collection, we have experienced threats that affect our team members’ sense of safety and well-being at work,” the retailer said in a May 23 statement.

Target spokeswoman Kayla Castaneda told Reuters there have been reports of Pride Collection items being thrown to the floor after confrontations between customers and Target employees over merchandise. .

“In light of these uncertain circumstances, we are adjusting our plans, including removing items that have been at the center of the most serious conflicts,” Target said in a statement. (Related article: ‘What’s great for our brand’: Target CEO throws himself in trans-friendly outfits while Bud Light strips naked)

Before the backlash, the retailer offered more than 2,000 items from the Pride collection, ranging from books and home furnishings to clothing for children and adults, according to Reuters. Many of these products are currently under review, but at the time of writing the only product removed was that of UK-based LGBTQ brand Abplalen due to its association with designer Eric “Eric” Carnell. The magazine reported that.

The transgender man who owns the brand, Carnell, has designed LGBTQ-friendly products that have reportedly drawn a lot of backlash. twitter post The retail giant previously said it sold T-shirts with the slogan “Satan honors pronouns.” Some designs of Abprallen website It features phrases like “witches and wizards love transgender people” and “burn the system down”.

LGBTQ products for children are also under scrutiny, such as a book titled Bye Bye Binary. costume for newborns rainbow Heart in the colors of the transgender pride flag. Target was also accused of offering “tuck-friendly” swimsuits designed to “add more groin coverage” for men who identified themselves as women.

Comedian Chrissie Mayer Said Put on a suit and say “thank you” when you come to the store [Target] We’ve found the perfect swimwear to wow women and kids at the pool this summer. I can’t wait to sip my Bud Light and stick my cock in this tiny number!”

Target has celebrated Pride Month every June for nearly a decade, and has displayed LGBTQ merchandise prominently near store fronts, but following a backlash in 2023, several stores in the South have moved their displays out of the way. The Associated Press reported that it was moved to the back. report.

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