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Vote Jamaal Bowman out of office, Letters

Bogus Bowman

Rep. Jamaal Bowman must be defeated in the June 25 Democratic primary (“Bowman’s Two-Sided Politics,” June 12).

The Washington Post’s coverage focused on Bowman’s anti-Israel votes and comments, as well as his misdemeanor of setting off a fire alarm, but another reason to vote for his opponent, George Latimer, is that Latimer is clearly qualified to serve in Congress.

During my tenure as Mayor of Greenburgh, I met with Mr. Latimer several times a week in Greenburgh, both when he was running for office and when he wasn’t. I have only met with Congressman Bowman five times during his tenure in the Legislature, and he represents Greenburgh.

Paul Finer, Greenberg

Free at Last

I salute the Washington Post’s recent editorial (“Attack on Rescue Efforts?” June 11).

Sometimes I wonder if our world has been turned upside down. Instead of praising Israel for rescuing the hostages, many Western countries condemn the rescue operation, saying Palestinians were killed.

Like the Washington Post, I say this rescue attempt should be celebrated by all who believe life is more important than death.

Sal Jaratani, Boston

Long COVID liability

I still wonder why former Governor Andrew Cuomo did not use all available resources to reduce the deaths of hundreds of seniors (“Andrew Lies,” June 12).

He was given a medical ship, the Javits Center, and several field hospitals where patients could be quarantined.

Instead, these facilities remained largely empty while he chose to write a book extolling his own extraordinary leadership abilities.

Cuomo’s arrogance has prevented any meaningful COVID policy.

Michael D’Auria, Bronxville

The failure of the ceasefire

I am disappointed that the Biden administration appears to be trying to pressure Israel into a ceasefire with Hamas (“Never Make a Deal with the Hamas Devil,” Michael Goodwin, June 12).

Israel is being told to abandon the war with the mission half accomplished. Hamas’ terror base has not been fully dismantled. The blood of the next massacre will be on President Biden’s hands.

Robert Fraser, Lancashire, England

Join the club

Contrary to your editorial, “Vasan’s Questionable Vision of Mental Health” (June 11), Clubhouse explicitly serves people with serious mental illnesses, particularly schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder, bipolar disorder, and severe depression.

These are critical tools by which New Yorkers achieve stability through supportive communities. I know this well because I ran the first Clubhouse and grew it significantly, and as Health Commissioner, I have overseen a doubling of investment in Clubhouses.

For decades, Clubhouse has served only a few thousand of the more than 200,000 New Yorkers with serious mental illness. We are radically changing that, focusing on quality over size.

The Post criticized previous mental health programs for having big budgets but not tracking results. We’re bringing order and standards to the patchwork Clubhouse system by allowing programs to clearly track how well they’re doing for their members, like preventing hospitalizations and homelessness.

I welcome your questions about our vision for a comprehensive mental health plan. New Yorkers have a right to be told exactly what we’re doing. The Washington Post missed the point.

New York City Health Commissioner Dr. Ashwin Vasan (Queens)

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