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Vulnerable Dem senator lashes out at GOP press release by boasting about all the vehicles he owns

Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) has fired back at a Senate Republican campaign troll who accused a Montana farmer of driving a certain type of car around Washington, D.C., acknowledging that he owns at least nine vehicles.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) issued a press release about a Montana farmer titled, “Shocking Fact: Jon Tester Drives a Prius.”

Tester responded with a fiery statement, calling the people who wrote the headline “morons.”

“These are some stupid cars,” Tester told HuffPost, before listing off other models he owns.

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Senator Jon Tester responded strongly to being attacked by the NRSC for driving a Prius. (NRSC)

“I have an ’86 Chevy. I have a 2018 GMC. I have a 2018 Honda Ridgeline. I have a Celica. I have a Peterbilt. I have a ’67 International Truck. I have a ’96 International Truck. I have a ’78 GMC. Should I keep driving?” asked the Democrat, who is seeking reelection in Montana in 2024.

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Tester continued, “I’m going to spend $10,000 this week filling up bulk tanks with diesel fuel that I’ll use to get crops in the ground. Is that enough?”

In addition to the press release, NRSC communications director Mike Berg shared footage of Tester getting into a red Prius and screenshots of a Washington Post article in which he wrote in his 2020 memoir that he bought a used Prius to drive around Washington, DC.

Mr Tester’s defence of driving a Prius sparked further attacks on social media, prompting X’s director of public relations to respond.

“The NRSC has its finger on the pulse of Montanans by attacking Jon Tester for restoring old cars, a hobby he shares with his son,” the communications director said. Monica Robinson said.

Senator Jon Tester

Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) spoke to reporters as he walked through the Capitol building in Washington, DC, on February 5, 2024. (Anna Moneymaker)

NRSC spokeswoman Maggie Abboud said Tester’s response “speaks to what a swamp creature Jon Tester has become.”

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“There aren’t many farmers in Montana who drive Priuses. Jon Tester’s gone to Washington,” Abboud said in a statement, telling Fox News Digital, “The fact that Jon Tester owns eight other vehicles to justify driving a Prius shows what a creature of the swamp he’s become.”

Berg called Tester “very angry” and repeated his offensive comments on his own X account, calling him a “billionaire swamp creature.”

Fox News Digital has reached out to Tester for comment.