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Want an AI career? These colleges offer degrees for the best chance

Artificial intelligence skills are in high demand these days, with some companies paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in salaries to employees who specialize in this rapidly evolving technology.

For those looking to build a highly lucrative career in AI, Software development company Vention We show you which universities in the US offer bachelor’s degrees that have the best chance of getting a job immediately after graduation and potentially earn the highest salary.

Employees with AI skills are in high demand, and new analysis shows which universities offer the best employment and salary opportunities for computer science graduates. (iStock)

Vention analyzed the latest graduation data. U.S. Department of Education Of the 1,790 people who earned computer science-related degrees nationwide, 294 were found employed one year and four years after graduation.

Here are the $900,000-a-year AI jobs: Report

The researchers found that median earnings data was available for only 23 of the schools four years after graduation, and ranked them from highest to lowest to reveal the highest-paying degrees for AI-related careers with a 100% employment rate.

1. California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

California Polytechnic University students at graduation

Students turn the tassels on their caps the other way near the end of a graduation ceremony at Technical High School in Sun Valley, California, on June 4, 2024. (Michael Blackshire/Los Angeles Times/Getty Images)

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo topped the list, dwarfing all other schools with its graduates earning an average of $181,838 four years after graduation.

2. Wake Forest University

Second place goes to Wake Forest University. North CarolinaThe average salary four years after graduation is $114,622.

Wake Forest Campus

Wake Forest University has come in second among the schools offering the highest salaries for computer science graduates, according to a new study. (iStock)

AI-related jobs can command a staggering salary of $375,000 per year

3. Trinity University

Trinity University in San Antonio came in third with an average four-year salary of $108,840 for students earning a computer science-related degree.

4. Clarkson University

New York Clarkson University offers the fourth highest paying degree in AI-related occupations, with its graduates earning an average salary of $104,005.

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5. Knox College

Rounding out the top five is Knox College in Illinois, where computer science graduates earn an average salary of $95,399 four years after graduation.