Warren Beatty’s Accuser Shares Details Of Her Alleged Rape In Resurfaced Video

A woman who accused Warren Beatty of raping her when she was a minor previously shared details of her alleged rape in a now-resurfaced video.

Kristina Charlotte Hirsch’s selfie video resurfaced after she filed her lawsuit against the 85-year-old actor in Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday. The video titled,”WARREN BEATTY STATUATORY RAPE STATEMENT: Sexual Abuse of Children and Teen girls in Hollywood,” was posted to YouTube in 2018.

“In 1973, I was a 14-year-old virgin,” Hirsch claimed in the video. Hirsch claimed she was initially “unaware of” what was happening to her, and she believed their relationship was “special.”

Hirsch went on to claim that she was introduced to Beatty “for the purposes of sexual pandering by an adult,” and that Beatty eventually raped her.

“It was a crime that Beatty was committing by raping me, forcing me to have oral sex upon him, having oral sex with me, sodomizing me, and emotionally damaging me for the past 44 years,” Hirsh alleged. (RELATED: Canadian Rockstar Jacob Hoggard Sentenced To Five Years In Prison For Sexual Assault)

Hirsch then made a public appeal to CNN’s Anderson Cooper, offering to divulge the story to him and providing her email address.

Hirsch, who had become a pastor in her adult years, concluded the video by preaching.

“Our time is God’s time and our patience is a virtue By the grace of God we ask all predators, pedafiles, pedophiles, and all of those who are not well please, to repent and seek counsel. In Jesus’ name we pray. Thank you,” Hirsch said.

Hirsch’s newly filed lawsuit accuses Beatty of “predatory behavior” that was “oppressive, malicious and despicable in that it was intentional and done in conscious disregard for her rights and safety,” according to Page Six.

Hirsch filed a request for a trial by jury and is seeking damages for psychological, mental and emotional distress.

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