Washington Post Staff Ready to Strike: Plead for Readers’ Support

hundreds of washington post Staff are scheduled to go on strike on Thursday. Ahead of the industrial action, they released a video message appealing for the public’s support during the 24-hour suspension of activities.

The far-left outlet’s strike comes after 18 months of negotiations to reach a new agreement including wages, remote working and other terms failed. It also comes after a daily newspaper owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos warned of possible further layoffs.

of of the post Videos of correspondents reporting their side of the controversy include employees who say they risked their lives to cover news on everything from wars to global pandemics to the hyper-local to the global. There is.

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Ultimately, staff argue that such dedication does not come cheap, and that they should be given “fair pay and transparent pay processes.”

“I deserve to be paid a living wage and I deserve to be paid a raise in line with inflation. I deserve to be paid the same wage as my colleagues, regardless of race or gender. It’s worth evaluating and protecting jobs,” multiple employees are seen saying in the video.

The Post Guild represents about 1,000 staff, including newsroom and commercial employees, according to its website. In October, post The company has about 2,500 employees, according to a report on 240 voluntary acquisition plans.

labor behavior in post The strike that occurred at Gannett, America’s largest newspaper company, earlier this year. new york times Staff from a year ago.

of The Washington Post is Founded in 1877.

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