WATCH: Biden hits head while exiting Marine One hours after getting ‘sandbagged’ at Air Force ceremony

President Joe Biden is believed to have hit his head on the helicopter door as he stepped out of Marine One on Thursday afternoon, hours after he fell on stage at his Air Force Academy commencement ceremony.

Reporters waiting for Mr. Biden on the South Lawn of the White House watched as the president smashed his forehead as he stepped out of the helicopter.

Mr. Biden did not appear to have been directly injured, but rubbed his head while walking on the lawn.

“I got a sandbag,” the president paused to tell reporters, apparently referring to his recent fall, which he blamed on a sandbag on stage.

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President Joe Biden criticizes Marine One head-on. (Fox News)

“I have no questions, no,” Biden told reporters before walking away.

After giving greetings at the entrance ceremony, air force academy At Thursday’s commencement ceremony, Mr. Biden suffered a shocking fall as he stepped off the podium.

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The plunge quickly sparked concerns on social media from users worried about the 80-year-old’s health.

President Biden hit his head

President Joe Biden rubs his head against the South Lawn of the White House after hitting Marine One. (Jim Watson)

Rep. Wesley Hunt (R-Texas) said after losing the election, “This is not funny. It’s just sad. Under no circumstances should this man be president in 2025. For the sake of the country.” praying,” he tweeted.

Outkick founder Clay Travis also commented on the incident. “Joe Biden just had a big fall on the podium at his Air Force Academy graduation. This is elder abuse. He’s not doing well,” Travis said.

fall of biden

U.S. President Joe Biden falls during his commencement ceremony at the United States Air Force Academy just north of Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado, June 1, 2023. (Brendan Smirowski)

Ben Rabolt White House The public affairs director tried to allay concerns about the president’s health by writing that Biden had simply tripped over a sandbag.


“He’s fine. There was a sandbag on the stage while he shook hands,” Rabolt wrote on Twitter shortly after the incident.

FOX News’ Lindsay Koenick contributed to this report.

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