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Watch — Dave Grohl Mocks Taylor Swift During Foo Fighters Concert: ‘We Actually Play Live’

Dave Grohl, lead singer and guitarist for the rock band Foo Fighters, criticized pop star Taylor Swift during the band’s concert in London, England, on Saturday night, suggesting that the pop star doesn’t give authentic live performances, telling fans, “We actually play live.”

“I was just joking about Taylor Swift’s tour,” Grohl told fans during a break from a recent Foo Fighters show in London. “I know she’s on the Eras tour, and I’m telling you, you don’t want to incur Taylor Swift’s wrath.”

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Grohl, the former drummer for grunge rock band Nirvana, joked about the Foo Fighters calling their tour the “Errors Tour,” before pointing out that he and his bandmates actually play their instruments during shows, which is why they make mistakes while performing.

“That’s why we’re calling the tour the ‘Errors Tour’ because I think we’ve had some eras and we’ve had a lot of mistakes. Just a couple. Because we actually play live. What? I’m just saying. We’re a live band,” the “Times Like These” singer said.

“You love live rock and roll music? You’ve come to the right place,” Grohl exclaimed.

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“That’s because we actually play live! What?!? Dave Grohl implies that Taylor Swift doesn’t play live!” #DaveGrohl #FooFighters #FooFightersTour #ErasTour #Taylor Swift #London

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While there is no known feud between Swift and Grohl, some fans have speculated that the Foo Fighters founder may have targeted the “Cruel Summer” singer after his 17-year-old daughter was harassed by Swift’s bandmates after they criticized the pop star for flying on a private jet, Deadline reports. report.

It’s worth noting that there are moments during concerts when Swift will pull out a guitar or sit at a piano to play live, but unlike Grohl and his bandmates, most of her live performances consist of the singer dancing rather than playing an instrument.

Swift appeared to hit back at Grohl’s comments during her recent concert in London, where she took a moment to thank the people playing live instruments while she sang and danced onstage.

“My entire band, my entire crew, my band who will be performing for you all for three and a half hours tonight, truly deserve this award, as do all my fellow performers,” she said.

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