Watch Jill Biden Get Booed By Crowd At Eagles Game As Media Tries To Pretend It Didn’t Happen

First Lady Jill Biden was booed by a huge crowd at the Philadelphia Eagles game Sunday.

Biden attended the game as an honorary captain for the Eagles in their game against the Dallas Cowboys, but the crowd appeared pretty displeased with her presence at the game, loudly booing her as she stepped onto the field, Fox News reported. Footage of the boos circulating around Lincoln Financial Field went viral on social media.

“Philly just BOO’d Jill Biden BAD,” former NFL player and Bachelor Nation alum Clay Harbor posted on his Twitter feed with a laughing emoji. “FLOTUS Dr. Jill Biden gets booed. Being an ‘Eagles Fan’ didn’t save it,” reporter John McMullen noted.

The boos apparently came from Eagles fans, who started chanting “Dallas sucks,” as soon as they were done voicing their feelings for the current administration, according to one Twitter user. While most will find this entertaining (I did), let’s remember that Eagles fans tend to boo everyone. They even booed Santa and threw snowballs at him way back in 1968.

Biden led the booing crowd in a rendition of “Fly Eagles Fly,” and hung out at the game, Fox News noted. She was there to promote the Biden Administration’s Cancer Moonshot Initiative, so unfortunately a group of cancer patients, survivors, and their families were alongside Biden as she was booed. (RELATED: Happy Birthday, ‘Let’s Go Brandon.’ Here Are Our Favorite Places You’ve Been)

Despite the Eagles’ tendency to boo everyone, the corporate media (the same corporate media that has fact-checked satire and memes) did its very best to cover-up the boos from the stadium crowd with some strategic camera work and cuts. It was almost as if they were trying to pretend the booing never happened.

Both Jill and her husband, President Joe Biden, are Eagles fans, Fox noted. They beat the Cowboys 26 – 17 to hold top spot in the NFL.

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