WATCH: Nun carries suitcase later discovered to contain remains of deceased friend

Chilling video from Chile shows a nun walking down the street with a wheeled suitcase that police later believe contained the body of her companion’s sister. found.

Police official Juan Fonseca told reporters this week: “There was an agreement. That person died a year ago and the other one has kept her in a suitcase ever since out of love. ” he told reporters. era of marta.

Police in Santiago responded Monday to a report of a suitcase full of bones, sparking panic about drug cartel activity. After reviewing video footage, police found a nun carrying a suitcase and practicing the habit.

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The nun is Spanish Outlet El País Lorenza Ramirez, 80, did not belong to any particular religious order and only took personal vows, but her friend Erica Fernandez, 58, died from an illness, but she is still alive. Ta. Police also suggested that Ramirez may have been suffering from “some type of disorder.”

Lorenza Ramirez, 80, was seen walking through the streets of Santiago carrying a suitcase containing the remains of his friend. (Breaking news)

The friends had agreed to stay together even after one of them died. Fernandez died in April 2023, and Ramirez hid his friend’s body in his home until the following year.

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“They maintained a friendship,” Fonesca said of the women. ”[Ramirez] “She loved her so much that they made a promise between them that if she died, they would not tell each other,” he explained, according to a rough translation.

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She intended to keep the agreement out of great “love and loyalty” to her friend, but upon learning of the situation, her daughter persuaded her friend that she must be put to sleep.

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Police decided not to arrest the nun because an autopsy showed no signs of a crime. However, she failed to notify authorities of her friend’s death so that he could be properly buried or cremated, thereby violating public health regulations and potentially facing her fines and penalties.


Instead, the nun left her friend’s body on the street for garbage collectors to collect, but a foul odor emanating from the suitcase caused concern. A passerby later investigated the incident and found the body inside. Mirror newspaper reported.