Watch The Moment Teen Receives Life Sentence For Murdering Teacher Over Bad Grade

A judge on Wednesday sentenced Jeremy Goodale, the Iowa teen who killed a teacher along with another student, to life in prison.

Video showed the 18-year-old sobbing and bleeding from the nose as he apologized for the murder as the judge handed down his sentence. The teenager’s life sentence includes the possibility of parole within 25 years, the New York Post reported. report. (Related: Police say missing woman’s body found in boyfriend’s refrigerator: Report)

“Every day I wish I could go back in time and stop myself and prevent this loss and this pain I’ve caused everyone,” Goodale told the court.

Willard Miller, 17, and Goodale bludgeoned a 66-year-old Spanish teacher to death with bats in November 2021.

Prosecutors say Miller was the mastermind behind the murder, the New York Post reported. Mr. Miller was reportedly angry at the poor grade his Spanish teacher gave him and worried that it would hurt his ability to participate in a study abroad program. Miller and Goodale then ambushed and killed the teacher at a park the teacher was known to frequent every day, the newspaper reported.

A judge sentenced Miller in July to life in prison with the possibility of parole within 35 years.

At that time, the judge Said If Iowa allowed Miller to be sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole,[t]A hat would have been a serious consideration for me. ”

Mr. Miller and Mr. Goodale both pleaded guilty to first-degree murder.



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