Watters quips dog with ‘Democrat owner’ bit him

FOX News commentator Jesse Watters said he was bitten by a dog owned by a “Democrat” over Thanksgiving.

He told viewers on his show “Jesse Watters Prime Time” on Monday that he was bitten by a dog while hiking during the Thanksgiving holiday. On Tuesday’s show “The Five,” fellow Fox host Jeanine Pirro asked Watters why he thought the dog bit him, to which Watters replied, “Because he’s a Democrat.”

“Please don’t denigrate Democratic dogs or Democratic owners,” co-host Jessica Tarloff said.

On Tuesday evening, he provided an update He told viewers that the doctor told him to contact the police to make sure the owner had given the dog the proper vaccinations.

“There were some major developments regarding my dog’s bite. The doctor prescribed me antibiotics and advised me to contact the police because they needed to know if my dog ​​had received the shots,” Watters said. said. “So I gave the police a description of the dog, a description of the owner, and a description of the car, a Subaru and his Outback. We all know what that means.”

“And if this dog is not up to date on its shots, that means Jesse Watters has rabies,” he says. “Should I receive rabies vaccinations live on TV, like the coronavirus vaccinations? We’re considering it.”

Watters was also bitten in the groin area, but said the bite was “more serious” than he initially realized.

“I was inches away from having an unwanted vasectomy. I guess you could put it that way,” he said. “And I’ll keep you updated on my health journey.”

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