Wayne Brady Gets Into Physical Fight At Scene Of Car Crash: REPORT

Famous actor and comedian Wayne Brady was involved in a physical altercation Sunday night at the scene of his own car crash in Malibu, according to TMZ.

Brady is believed to have been driving on the Pacific Coast Highway when another car reportedly hit his vehicle. The situation became heated when the famous comedian stepped out of his vehicle to assess the damage and speak with the other driver, according to TMZ.

It is not entirely clear if the two men were pushing, shoving or punching one another, but reports of the exchange being a physical altercation were clear, according to TMZ.

Law enforcement officials said after the two physically fought with one another, the other driver got back into his vehicle and successfully managed to leave the scene of the accident. The suspect continued driving on the freeway, allegedly leaving Brady and his damaged car on the road, according to TMZ.

Brady was the one who called 911 and sought police assistance with the matter, TMZ noted.

Sources close to the situation reported Sheriff deputies were able to locate the other driver. Police promptly arrested the suspect for battery, DUI and hit-and-run, according to TMZ. (RELATED: Video Shows Damage After ‘Succession’ Star Slams Truck Into Pizza Shop: REPORT)

Firemen responded to the scene of the collision, but Brady reportedly didn’t require hospitalization. Sources close to the comedian said he was sore and banged up after the collision and physical altercation and will be taking some time to rest and recover.