‘We Have a Serious Problem in This Country’ with Mass Shootings

Fox News anchor Martha McCallum said Tuesday on her show “The Story” that “there is a serious problem in this country” about the shootings.

MacCallum said: We have a serious problem in this country and we see these weapons being used in situations like this. There are several things going on here, right? She’s 30% serious about the rate of suicide attempts among young women in this country. This young woman emailed her friend telling her she was going to kill herself and that she was all news. There is a serious problem going on in this country, and it has many layers. “

She added: Yes, a serious question should be raised as to whether this person can buy these guns. “

MacCallum added, “I would say there are many factors in that, but guns cannot be ruled out.”

“There are more guns than people in America,” said co-host Gerard Rivera.

MacCallum said: We are making a big, big mistake. “

“I will not allow any kind of shrugging,” Rivera said.

McCallum said, “We already have, because in three days no one is going to talk about it. That’s where we were and we are as people in this country.”

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