We Need to Raise Asylum Standard at Border, Have ‘Expedited Removals’

On Wednesday's CNN News Central broadcast, Rep. Vicente Gonzalez (D-Texas) said Democrats need to get tougher on the border issue, raising fear levels for asylum seekers at the border and calling for “quick action.” He insisted that a response should be taken. ” Hearings and deportations for asylum applications.

Gonzalez said he believes Gov. Greg Abbott's (R) actions have been ineffective, but “we need ideas to process migrants further away from the border.” We need to raise the bar for significant fear at our borders. We need a speedy trial and a speedy removal. ”

He added, “We need to police the southern border, and Democrats need to do it. And I think there [are] There are many places where we can create good policies that are effective and humane. We're not going to tear children out of their mothers' arms and separate families like President Trump did, but we need law and order at the border, and we need an orderly process for people to immigrate to this country.And I've proposed an idea called Safe Zone[s] The Act develops zones in Guatemala and Panama, and possibly Colombia, where migrants can settle. [be processed] at the time. ”

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