‘We won’t see each other again’

Arnold Schwarzenegger thinks the idea of ​​heaven is just a “fantasy”.

After actor Danny DeVito, 78, asked ‘What will happen to our future?’, the ‘Terminator’ star, 75, shared his thoughts on what happens after death. rice field.

“I am reminded of Howard Stern’s question to me, ‘Tell me, Governor, what happens to us when we die? ‘ I said, ‘Nothing.’ you are 6 feet below Anyone who says otherwise is an outrageous liar,” Schwarzenegger said in the article. Interview magazine interview.

“I said, ‘We’re not experts, we don’t know what happens to the soul and all this spiritual stuff, but as for the body as we see each other now, we’ll never meet again.’ I know it’s not.

The ‘Predator’ star admitted he was uncomfortable talking about death.

Schwarzenegger believes that when a person dies, they will never see each other again.
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of "predator" Starr admitted that talking about death makes him uncomfortable.
The ‘Predator’ star admitted he was uncomfortable talking about death.
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“It sounds so good when people say, ‘We’ll meet again in heaven,’ but the reality is that once we’re gone, we’ll never see each other again. That’s the sad part. People feel comfortable dying.” I know, but I’m not,” he said.

The former California governor says he’s lost about 15 friends from his bodybuilding days over the past 20 years and said the tragic news forced him to change his view of the afterlife.

“Heaven to me is where I put people I love dearly, people who are kind and generous, people who have made a difference in my life and the lives of others,” he explained.

The actor recently opened up about those days. "crushed" My heart trembles at the shocking confession.
The actor recently opened up about when he “broken” Schreiber’s heart with a shocking confession.
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“Like all my friends in the front row, I keep them in my mind, and I always feel good when I think of them.”

Elsewhere, the actor recently revealed that ex-wife Maria Shriver is the father of housekeeper Mildred Baena’s son Joseph, revealing a shocking moment that “broken” her heart.

In the future three-part structure Netflix documentary”ArnoldSchwarzenegger said Schreiber, 67, went to a marriage counselor in 2011 to ask about parenthood. According to The Sun.

“She wants to know if you are Joseph’s father,” the counselor said of Joseph, who was born in 1997.

“I thought my heart would stop,” said the former movie star. “And I told the truth. Yes, Maria.

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