Well, That’s A Weird Thing To Say … Commentator Praises Phillies’ Ranger Suárez In Unique Way

I might be a Braves x Marlins fan, but I’ve gotta give Ranger Suárez his props — not like Ruben, though, no Diddy.

During Tuesday night’s game against the defending World Series champion Texas Rangers, Philadelphia Phillies starting pitcher Ranger Suárez was absolutely lights out with 10 strikeouts in seven innings to bump up his undefeated season record to 9-0. On top of that, he led the Phils to another victory (they won, 5-2), their 35th of the campaign, which is the best in Major League Baseball.

The magnificent run for Suárez is a rival to the prior stretches that were done by Grover Alexander and Juan Marichal, both Hall of Famers, for the best in MLB history. (RELATED: Mets Reliever Jake Diekman Goes Into Full Out Rage Mode With Dugout Cooler After Allowing Home Run Against Guardians)

I think we all agree that Suárez has been on absolute fire to start the campaign, there’s no doubt about that, but umm … Phillies color commentator Ruben Amaro Jr. took things a bit too far when he was speaking about the dominant pitcher during Tuesday’s contest.

“I would rub my whole body on him just to try to get the luck he’s got going right now,” Amaro said.

Umm … what?


With that being said, Suárez has been friggin’ killing it!

Magical (and weird) times in Philly right now.

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