‘We’re Making Good Progress’ — Poor Economic Polls Partially Due to Feeling It’s Been Unfair

On Friday's broadcast of CNN News Central, Acting Labor Secretary Julie Su said “we are well on track” in dealing with “the aftereffects of the pandemic and the global economic stress it has caused,” partly because of this. Stated. A bad view of the economy is because “people have felt that the economy has been unfair for far too long.”

“So when we talk to the American people about President Biden's policies, do they want to increase manufacturing jobs in America, do they believe that investing in infrastructure is important? “We thought about things like, should we do something to address the climate crisis?” ? All of them are very popular. At the same time, we're seeing unions enjoy the highest positive ratings from the American public in decades. So I think part of this reflects the after-effects of the pandemic and the global economic stress it has caused. Folks, we are still recovering from that feeling of anxiety and are making good progress. But frankly, I think part of it is because people feel like the economy has been unfair for too long. That's why the president says we have to build an economy from the middle out and from the bottom up that includes everyone. … [I]Comparing CEO pay to that of field employees, in 1970 CEO pay was about 20 times higher, but today it's more than 300 times higher, which feels unfair to people and makes them feel better. It will not be. And we're doing everything we can to combat that, and I think if we're successful in doing that, it's going to make people feel better. ”

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