We’re Not Doing Enough to Stop Wave of Migrants Crossing Latin America, Might Need ‘Pressure’ on Countries

On Friday’s MSNBC broadcast of “The Jose Díaz-Balart Report,” Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) said there was a large number of migrants crossing the Darien Canyon and that “we are targeting them at 20 yards. “We’re not doing enough to stop it.” Everything happens here on a one-yard line called the U.S.-Mexico border. Cuellar also said that if the U.S. has to pressure other countries in Latin America to do more to stop immigration into the United States, it will need to do so, adding, “What happened to the border processing centers in these areas?” he said. Panama and Colombia? ”

Cuellar said, “Look, everyone’s talking about the border. We can send more personnel. We can do certain things. But it’s defense at the 1-yard line. If… If we don’t play defense at their 20-yard line and extend that to the border, people are going to come in. … Look at what happened at Darien Gap. We’re outnumbered and we’re not doing enough to stop them at the 20-yard line, and it’s all happening here at the 1-yard line, which is called the U.S.-Mexico border.”

He added: “First of all, one of the things we have to do is give the homeland the ability to do work outside of the U.S. borders. That’s huge. And then we worked with Mexico, and we worked with Guatemala and Panama and Colombia. What happened to the regional border processing centers that we were supposed to establish in Panama and Colombia? ? Otherwise they just keep coming here. …That’s what we have to do, that we have to work with those countries, and if Mexico and other If we need to put a little bit of pressure on countries to work with us, let’s go ahead and do that and get the job done. So they’re going to Mexico, and the American consulate and embassy are talking to Mexicans and Mexicans to prevent them from getting on the train and coming here. I have to do that.”

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