West Virginia voted most festive state in the US and DC voted least festive

Anyway, it's the most wonderful time of the year for most parts of the country.

Holiday cheer isn't evenly spread across the United States, with certain states taking the festivities more seriously than others.

So which states are getting into the spirit of the season? A recent survey conducted by Innerbody Research found that West Virginia is the most cheerful of the states.

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The ranking of the most festive states was determined by analyzing search data.

West Virginia has held the number one spot for two years.

Innerbody Research has discovered the country's most festive states and the top searched terms related to the holidays. (St. Petersburg)

“West Virginia's second consecutive No. 1 ranking is no coincidence; it's all due to their unwavering holiday spirit,” Innerbody Research's Mayra Salcedo told FOX News Digital.

“Through Google Trends, we found that searches for a festive feel were consistently trending, driven by rich traditions, active community engagement, and local events.

But here's the real secret sauce. West Virginia is home to charming Christmas towns that embody the true magic of the season.

“Places like West Virginia's Christmas City are where the holiday spirit lives and are must-visit places to experience the unique Christmas magic that only West Virginia can create. This is more than just a ranking. It's an invitation to soak in the festive charm that defines the Christmas spirit every year in West Virginia. ”

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Bluefield is West Virginia's trademarked Christmas City. One of his featured attractions is the Holiday of Lights, which welcomes guests with 1.5 million lights.

Holiday of Lights also features hayrides, a Ferris wheel, ice skating, s'mores, and more.

With attractions like this, it's no wonder the state has been named the most festive state two years in a row.

Rounding out the list of the most festive states are Idaho, Utah, Nebraska, and New Hampshire.

outside the white house

Washington, DC was ranked as the least festive area in the country. (Mandel Gunn/AFP via Getty Images)

“At Innerbody, maintaining political neutrality is a top priority. However, after reviewing the survey results with CEO Eric Rodriguez, we found that 9 of the top 10 festival states “I found it interesting that they tended to be more politically conservative,” Salcedo said.

“This discovery piques our curiosity and is a potential avenue to further explore in next year's research.”

There may be more Scrooges than peppy Carols in our nation's capital. Washington, DC was ranked as the least festive area in the country.

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“The fact that our nation's capital has risen from 18th place in last year's survey to claiming the title of 'Grinkiest Region' this year is undoubtedly the most surprising of our findings. lateral,” Salcedo said.

“This change in rankings challenges preconceptions about holiday cheer in a city associated with grand celebrations and festive spirit, especially after this year's unexpected turn of events. It will be interesting to see how Washington, D.C. ranks.” ”

“Ugly Christmas sweater” was the most searched Christmas term this year.

Other states found to have the least festive mood in the nation include Maryland, Hawaii, Florida and New York. In the two states lower on the list, climate can play a big role in the lack of festive spirit.

After all, trudging through the snow in layers to get to the Christmas tree is all part of the holiday experience. Just ask Clark Griswold from “National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.”

“Ugly Christmas sweater” is the most searched Christmas term this year, pushing last year's most popular term “Christmas Eve” into second place.

Girl holding up an ugly Christmas sweater

You'll probably find a lot of tacky Christmas sweaters at your annual holiday gathering. (Paul J. Richards/AFP via Getty Images)

Other top searches included “Advent calendars,” “Christmas music,” and “Christmas movies.”

Ugly Christmas sweaters are popular during the holiday season, whether as costumes for Christmas parties or in competitions to see whose sweater is the ugliest.

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When it comes to how Americans spend their holidays, each state's different traditions resonate more.

According to Innerbody's research, only six search terms ranked highly in multiple states. The terms were “Christmas Eve,” “Secret Santa,” “Christmas tree,” “Christmas lights,” and “Advent calendar.”

row of christmas trees

The most searched term in many New England states was “Christmas tree.” (Ben Hastie/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images)

The top searched terms were different for each state across the country. For example, Washington and Oregon both searched for “advent calendar” the most, while people on the East Coast searched for “Christmas tree.”

People in North Dakota still get excited about Christmas cards, while people in Kentuckians are still holding on to the “Elf on the Shelf” tradition.


“The diversity in preferences for the top searched congratulatory words in each state stems from a blend of regional traditions, climate influences, and local customs,” Salcedo said. “Factors such as media influence, community involvement, and personal preferences influence the unique holiday celebrations seen in each state.

“With 'ugly Christmas sweater' being our most searched festive term, we expect to see a lot of people wearing Christmas couture in the US this year.”

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