What Do ‘Long COVID’ And Transgender People Have In Common?

What do ‘Long COVID’ and the transgender movement have in common? No, this isn’t the set up for a punchline. Despite assurances by the “neutral” medical establishment, they both fall under the umbrella of a broader left-wing agenda — and the results are clear from new findings on who actually “suffers” from Long COVID.

According to a new survey from USA Facts, transgender people experienced the highest rate of Long COVID. Of the transgender people who had COVID, 46% reported struggling with Long COVID afterwards, compared to just 32% among women and 22% among men. Among “other” — whatever non-binary nonsense that implies — the rate was 37%. Further, among the transgender people claiming to suffer from Long COVID,  42% reported “severe” symptoms, four times higher than men (10%) and women (9%).

To use a favored term of the expert class, transgender people are “disproportionately impacted” by the disease — but it’s worth considering why that may be. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, this is due to their “lower access to health care and stigma regarding their gender or sexuality.” Yet this is political dogma disguised as scientific analysis. However, the real answer is likely just as political.

Interestingly, both Long COVID and the current transgender craze gripping American children developed along a very similar trajectory. They are both loosely defined by the medical establishment, yet get touted as a purely scientific phenomena — objective truth. If you are a man who identifies as a woman, you are a woman. As a result, it becomes impossible for even medical authorities to define what a “woman” really is. Similarly, the Centers for Disease Control defines Long COVID “broadly” as any “signs, symptoms, and conditions that continue or develop after acute COVID-19 infection,” including “fatigue,” “difficulty thinking,” “sleep problems” and even “depression or anxiety.” So, Long COVID is pretty much anything you want it to be. (RELATED: Prestigious Medical Journal Retracts, Republishes Widely Cited ‘Long COVID’ Study Over ‘Data Errors’)

The real trick that captured medical and scientific authorities pull here is laundering one discrete, definable instance of a phenomenon into a broader, ideological movement. Transgender people, of course, exist in the objective sense — both throughout history and in that gender dysphoria is an established, clinical disorder. Yet that cannot explain the explosion of trans-identifying teens — mostly girls — over the past several years; there’s clearly a social aspect at play that the “experts” will not admit for ideological reasons. Similarly, “long” illnesses clearly exist; anyone who’s ever had a cold or flu can attest that unpleasant symptoms sometimes linger for weeks or months, which surely holds true for COVID as well. But clinically defining Long COVID as some miasmatic threat only serves to reinforce the CDC’s own authority over a never-ending COVID crisis.

Ultimately, both fit into the larger left-wing worldview of the individual: whatever you feel is what you are. Objective truth is subordinate to your truth. With their institutional authority, the “experts” use the foundational kernel of truth to legitimize their own preferred, subjective re-definition — all while reinforcing their own authority as gatekeepers. This is the state of our “expert” class today.

And so for many on the left, all of the issues under this umbrella become inherently linked. Largely, it’s a result of political leaders explicitly linking an array of issues under a banner of right-think. If you’re a transgender person who questions leftist orthodoxy elsewhere, then your entire progressive credibility collapses; just look at how the left treats Caitlyn Jenner! If you believe in transgender ideology, you also likely believe that COVID is an epoch-defining threat to human life. If you believe in these things, you’re more likely to trust the institutional authorities that reinforce your views, so you are then more likely to develop the neuroses that the officials parrot. Over time, the issues morph into proxies for in-group signalling.

But the linkage also arises from a more natural, sociological element — your belief in the subjective self. If you imbibe from the fountain of subjective truth, as transgender individuals inherently do, then you are more likely to want to stand out in highly individualistic ways. You’re also more likely to see the world through the lens of victim and oppressor, your individualist expression inherently suppressed by social stigma. Transgenderism is but one outgrowth of this worldview, and ‘Long COVID’ is a natural corollary — to suffer perpetually from a disease propagated by the bad people, the science-deniers. (RELATED: New NYT Piece Could Signal Tide Is Turning Against Child Mutilation)

So the findings of USA Facts likely have some basis of objective validity. With all of the unnecessary surgical and chemical trauma transgender people put their bodies through, it’s no surprise they would struggle more fighting off routine illnesses. But the disparities between transgender people and everyone else are far too great to overlook the obvious sociological explanations. They are more inclined to trust Trust The Science™ that aligns with their preferences, as well as the experts who toe the party line.

And this in turn makes a debilitating fear of COVID more likely as well, since belief in progressive orthodoxy cannot extend to one issue and not the others without the risk of social sanction. The desire to stand out, to find distinction through your performance in the Oppression Olympics, makes the psychosomatic embrace of Long COVID ever more likely.

All the incentives — social and political — line up for Long COVID hysteria to metastasize in key segments of American society. Despite all the left’s feigned concerns about at-risk groups, neurotic people searching for meaning are paying the heftiest price.