‘What Jesus Are You?’: Drag Queens Host ‘Hunky Jesus Contest’ On Easter

Drag queens hosted a “Hunky Jesus contest” on Easter Sunday in San Francisco, according to multiple local reports.

Tens of thousands of attendees arrived in Dolores Park for the yearly “Easter in the Park” event hosted since 1979 by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a group of nun-themed drag queens, according to The San Francisco Standard.

Six contestants dressed as different versions of Jesus Christ — most without shirts — took the stage as they showed off their reimagining of the Messiah, according to the outlet.

“What Jesus are you?” one of the drag queens asked the contestants while guiding them on stage in front of the audience.

“Ken Jesus,” inspired by the summer blockbuster film “Barbie,” ultimately won first prize, the outlet reported. The competitor, wearing only a pair of pink briefs, danced in front of the crowd wearing a life-size pink doll box attached to a large cross. A crown of thorns sat upon his head and he wore tan sandals on his feet.

The Hunky Jesus winner went on to enter his costume in another contest at a queer bar in the city’s SoMa neighborhood, the outlet added. (RELATED: White House Bans Religious Easter Eggs From Art Contest)

“I’m going to the Powerhouse!” the Ken Jesus character said as he shuffled and posed as if he was being crucified. “I’m on a roll.”

The elimination-style contest featured other finalists, including “Trailer Trash Jesus” and “Disco Ball Jesus,” according to the outlet. Another finalist was “Break Jesus,” whose gimmick is that he breakdances while turning water into wine.

Other activities at the Easter event included a “Fox Mary” contest and an “Easter Bonnet” contest, according to the outlet.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence made headlines in Sept. 2023 after a member of the drag group was arrested in California for public “masturbating.” The person allegedly exposed himself while in the driver’s seat of a parked car for “approximately one hour.”

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