What’s Going On Here? World Series Hero David Freese Bizarrely Declines To Be In St. Louis Cardinals Hall Of Fame

This makes no sense at all.

David FreeseA hero for the St. Louis Cardinals in the 2011 World Series, he shockingly and strangely declined induction into the franchise’s Hall of Fame.

Freese was elected to the Hall of Fame in an online fan vote, but the Cardinals announced Saturday that they withdrew their candidacy after Freese notified the team of the decision.

Freeze was named MVP and knocked out in both the 2011 World Series and National League Championship Series 3 home runs Winning the NLCS in St. Louis against the Milwaukee Brewers. In the World Series against the Texas Rangers, Freese recorded seven RBIs and became a hero by hitting a walk-off home run in Game 6. He also scored two runs in Game 7.

Here is the full statement regarding Freeze’s decision to decline induction into the Cards Hall of Fame:

This is kind of weird, dude. He flatly declined the Hall of Fame, but never gave a reason why.

What he says is ruined, I have an opinion.

No one would know (or care) who David Freeze would be if he weren’t a hero of the St. Louis Cardinals and the 2011 World Series. Whoa, here’s your ticket!

Imagine what he would give up here. He will be treated like royalty by both the Cardinals organization and fan base until his death and will be able to land so many sponsorship deals in St. Louis, imagine. Autograph sessions and photo sessions are also possible. These are just three examples of him, and being both a World Series his champion and a Hall of Famer with the Cardinals gives him plenty of chances (you can go to the ballpark and get a free ticket whenever you want). etc.). (Related: Heartbroken brother leaves brother after foul ball during Red Sox game, gets autographed merch from Kenley Jansen)

I don’t know what David Freese is in, but forget the weirdness, I would have been in all its glory.

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